The Serpent Princess! OOOH man, this is just too cool not to share. Your daily dose of fantasy :) Enjoy this master piece!


.:GENESIS:. I had the pleasure of contributing a piece to the wonderful Alison Sampson's book #GENESIS, written by Nathan Edmondson, and colored by Jason Wordie!  Still with me —  It's a beautiful book adding lots of juicy extras, including pinups from myself, Matt Taylor, Robert Ball, Tommy Lee Edwards — why are you still reading this, go get your copy!!  


It is better to have loved and lost than to have never read Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name at all


last one, so gonna lose followers over this spam :p 

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Thank you so much everyone for all the love and support.  I really had no idea my cosplay would receive so much positive feedback ;__;

Here are some more Serenity pics with more to come.  You can check them out here too:

Enjoiy!! <3

headphones and bug eyes

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